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Delightful staff, scrumptious food and an inspirational environment. The ‘back-­to-­basics’ learning experience helps the pupils find their sense of adventure and return to nature. They learn transferable skills in the wilderness such as teamwork, cooking and fending for themselves, helping build camaraderie and independence. The staff ensnare the pupils with their high-­level skills, expertise and humour, catapulting them into an educational and enjoyable few days of bushcraft survival. The Bushcraft team hit the target by inviting respect and encouraging tribal rivalry, and building up a strong rapport with the whole group. We’ll be back!
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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Well that’s a wrap… What a summer it’s been! With our Camp Wilderness adventures finished for the year, it’s about time we looked back at the incredible time we’ve had in the woods.

When most adults look back to their childhoods, chances are some of the fondest memories took place outdoors. Regardless of the activity, those simple playful memories tend to be the ones that stick, long into adulthood.