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Things To Do Outside This Summer

Things to do outside this summer

Now the sun is finally starting to shine and half term has come and gone, we are thinking about all the different activities we’ll be running at Camp Wilderness this summer. Swimming, archery, orienteering, camping - we just can’t wait! And we’ve also thought about some of the fun outdoor things you can do at home this summer with your family and friends. So if you’re looking for some fun inspiration, here are our Founder, Alex McBarnet’s top ten things you could do outside this summer!

  1. Building a shelter using branches and leaves

  2. Camping in the garden in a tent, or just under the stars on a balmy night

  3. Roasting marshmallows over a campfire (with a responsible adult)

  4. Scavenger hunts with friends

  5. Bike rides

  6. Orienteering

  7. Climbing trees

  8. Making hazel bows and arrows

  9. Finding muddy areas and identifying animal tracks

  10. Learning how to identify different trees by their leaves and bark

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