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Recalibrate your senses in the wild

When most adults look back to their childhoods, chances are some of the fondest memories took place outdoors. Regardless of the activity, those simple playful memories tend to be the ones that stick, long into adulthood. That’s what makes us wonder, why are more and more children growing up without experiencing outdoor play regularly, if at all? 

There’s no doubt that modern technology is designed to make our lives easier, but increasingly for young children it has sadly become the only type of play they experience on a regular basis. By stopping to explore nature, we can embrace our inner wild-child, and the temptation to reach for electronic gadgets soon dissipates. David Strayer echoes this when describing the “three-day effect”, which is the mental reset that occurs when we’ve been immersed in nature for long enough. Not only do we feel refreshed physically after some time in the wild, but our mental performance is improved too. That’s precisely why outdoor adventure is becoming so popular, as it’s the perfect outlet for children to make friends, learn new skills and create memories that will literally last forever.

Getting active and outdoors can only be a good thing for everyone. Not only are we able to develop confidence in unfamiliar surroundings, we’re also learning how to think creatively in the wild and how to react positively when faced with new experiences. There is obviously some bias here, but we think there’s nothing better for children (and adults) than to switch off from the modern day madness, get out there and see what adventure is waiting for you.