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  • Camp-craft

    The students will build a camp with their teammates as a fun way to familiarise themselves with the environment. This might include setting up tents and hammocks or building an improvised kitchen. 

  • Fire Workshop

    One of the core principals of bushcraft survival, we teach students the importance of fire and a number of fire lighting methods, both modern and ancient. 

  • Wilderness Trail

    The wilderness trail teaches students how to look out for and identify animal tracks, testing their observation skills as they complete a series of fun, interactive exercises. 

  • Wilderness Cookery

    The wilderness cookery class encourages a sense of self-reliance in the students and gives them key culinary skills that can easily be used in the kitchen at home.

  • Shelter-Building

    The students will learn why we need shelter when we are living outside, and the types of shelter people from different societies, nationalities and places have used across the ages.

  • Stalking Lecture

    The stalking lecture will teach students how to track animals without disturbing them or their foraging areas. This gives them an incredible insight into the natural world.

  • Fresh-water Swimming

    Students will enjoy wild swimming in one of our fresh-water lakes, under the supervision of our beach lifeguards.

  • Pizza Kitchen

    Lunch or dinner becomes fun and interactive as the students make their own pizzas, which then go straight into our big outdoor pizza ovens.

  • Navigation Lecture

    Different navigation techniques are needed for each environment and the students will be taught how to use ancient and modern methods of getting from A to B.

  • Wilderness First Aid Workshop

    The students will learn basic skills to cope with a medical emergency in the wild, including how to identify hypothermia and hyperthermia, and how to construct an improvised stretcher.

  • Scenario SOS

    The students will put all of their new skills to the test and work in teams to complete an orienteering course, using grid references to locate a simulated plane-crash scene, where they will treat the casualties and make improvised stretchers to evacuate them back to camp. 

  • Tribe’s Got Talent

    A great way to end a residential trip, the Tribe’s Got Talent show is a chance for students to work together to entertain their fellow campers and have fun around the campfire.

  • Bushcraft Tournament

    A series of challenges will be set and each team will have to work together to complete them and claim first prize. 

  • Archery

    One of the oldest precision sports practiced today, archery is a fun, rewarding activity that teaches students accuracy and hand-eye coordination.

  • Camouflage and Concealment Exercise

    A fun camouflage and concealment exercise that teaches students how to work as a team using signals and their environment to hide and avoid capture by the opposing team. 

Our Blog

Well that’s a wrap… What a summer it’s been! With our Camp Wilderness adventures finished for the year, it’s about time we looked back at the incredible time we’ve had in the woods.

When most adults look back to their childhoods, chances are some of the fondest memories took place outdoors. Regardless of the activity, those simple playful memories tend to be the ones that stick, long into adulthood.